Why we become bisexual women?

Based on the theory of Butterfly, a tiny effect today may end up with huge disaster in the future, and this is exactly what the bisexuality is showing us: a family or social factor may changes people from heterosexuality or homosexuality into bisexuality. Recently, people under the great pressure become bisexuality for relax while others are for exciting feelings. So , why we become bisexual women or bisexual men?

From the social factors, the reasons are as following:
First is the life pressure. When a man makes living outside, after work, he wants to get some comfort from his wife, but his family can’t satisfy his spirit needs and body needs simultaneously. By coincidence, there is an another man who always pays a lot of attention to the former guy. Gradually, they two men are in love for going in quest of spirit needs. At the same time, the man make love with his wife for body needs.

Second is people’s lure. Nowadays, many young people are curious of the novel funny things and most of them can’t refuse the temptations. For him, the bisexuality is a kind of novelty. If there is a person luring the young people to try, they will try. When they have a experience of bisexuality, then they wonder the second time, third time...when people realize the fact - I’m a bisexual, this process is like opening a “Pandora  Box”, causing tremendous influence for him or her. And this kind of effect is only a tip of an iceberg.

Last one is a peg for overstep the bounds. For instance, once there was a man with unhappy life, especially with his wife. One day, he found that when he was with his gay friend, he felt very happy and comfort. As time goes, he stayed with his gay friends almost every minutes. Finally, he fall in love with his male friend. He is a bisexual, but he never admit. He escapes the reality, holding that this action is like a peg for overstep.