The features of Bisexual

General speaking, in Psychology, people’s sexual orientation can divides into five types: man tending to man, woman tending to woman, woman tending to man, man tending to woman and the last one is called bisexuality. Bisexuality is the people who are neutral for sexual orientation. To these people, man and woman’s appearance difference doesn’t matter. Similarly, their attitudes to man and woman are also equal. Of course, they may like some bisexual dating sites looking for friends.

People who have bisexual tendency are most like following: 

One is young people who are not sure about them sexual orientation, and want to try their best to experience some different feelings. If the young person get addicted to this kind of feeling, they will be trapped in the shell of thier own making, then in the future they will be bisexual women or bisexual men. And when they realize their gender-bending, it may seem hard, yet it is nothing but a blessing in disguise. In the short time, they may feel shame and dare interact with others. But in the long run, they will thank all these experience.

One is the people who conceit different gender people when they are making love with one kind gender persons. That means what the person does is not his real feeling. Maybe sometimes, this action is superficial.

One is the people who are full of emotion and have strong feeling to love two different kind genders. In other words, this kind of people want to make love with man and woman.

One is the people who are deeply affected by his or her growth environment, and because family and social reasons, he or she ignores the importance of gender. When a person was young, what he or she received was being like a girl or boy. So, with the time going by, the girl grew up like a boy while the boy like a girl. 

After comparison and choice, people can rationally decide their final sexual orientation. But if people cannot decide his and her sexual orientation, they always swing between the different genders.

Though those people have bisexuality tendency, some of them may become straight while some of them become bent. At last, some bisexual people would chose to change their gender by surgery to enjoy joy.