My opinions about Bisexuality

About a year ago I heard that the premier of Ireland went to China with her wife. The first time I saw the the title of this piece of news. I was shocked, and I think there must be something wrong with  it. How could a lady marry another lady? I had never met such thing before. It sounds rediculous. But later it turned I was wrong.

In CHINA there are still a lot of people can't accept Bisexuality. But the famous Germany philosopher  Hegal ever said "something exist must be something reasonable "And with time goes by more and more people don't look down on those people who are Bisexuality. Bisexuality is born to be Bisexuality just like the straight is born to be the straight. It's up to your gene. The whole society should accept the Bisexuality as we accept our left hands.

Of course, because of chinese traditional culture it's very diffcult for us to accept that Bisexuality is natural. Just imagine this, if one day your roomates says to you Ithink I have fallen in love with you. How could you feel? I guess that you must think that gay  is crazy. And this was incredile. However you will accept this someday. We are all human beings, and we advocate humanism. Each of us want to be respected by others. No matter what kind of race we are ,what kind gender we are, or what kind of sexual orientation we are. Plese think more for Bisexualiy. In fact, nothing is different between them and us.

The last but not least,we need more open minds to try fresh things. In fact Bisexuality has been observed in various human societies. the only thing we can do is that  give them respection. Meanwhile I think Bisexuality also has great meaning. Such as you can find your soul mate in the best way. And you will be more happy. In a word I think Bisexuality is open and respective.