If you are bisexual women or bisexual men

In fact in the life, bi will encounter many difficulties, we know, impossible to get everyone's understanding and acceptance. But we can very good accept ourselves, accept our bisexual orientation, this is the first step we go out. If you are bisexual women or bisexual men, I believe you must have met a lot of difficulties, don't even know how to talk about your bi identity. 

You need to accept your bisexual identity, and face the real identity from the heart it, so you will feel it is part of your life, your own. Bisexuality as an important sexual orientation, you should not produce inferiority complex. In our life, we will meet bisexual friends, but they always hide the truth of their orientation, this is unnecessary, you want to remember, you should not hide your bisexual in order to adapt to the other orientation, on the contrary, if others can't accept it, that's their problem. You should have confidence, courage and pride to accept yourself. 

Get more experience from others. Now, the network has developed enough, there are a lot of bisexual BBS, also has a lot of bisexual dating sites, we can through the network, meet the bisexual friends all over the world, also can learn some of their experience, to learn more from them bisexual. Of course, if you have unique insights, or want to share some of your experience, you can also go to chat rooms or BBS to discuss with others (if you have questions about the bisexual, bisexual.com is a good choice). 

You should give bisexual absolutely support. Take the initiative to resist the negative comments, bisexual to know because these error messages, can guide many people mistake the understanding of bisexual. Remember, if someone tells you, "bisexual people does not exist!" Must be pointed out that there are, bisexual, we are the best example. Finally, positive to participate in some bisexual activity, spending more time out to have bisexual dating, expand your circle, bisexual to more people talk about topic. 

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