How to talk with bisexual

In this world, LGBT community are everywhere, they come from different RACES, different gender, different age, but they are real, and they are human. Bi is the most special groups, they need a lot of courage to face their own sexual orientation, but also need more courage to tell the people around them, they are bisexual, however, some people around or not to accept them. So in general, whether it is a bisexual women, or bisexual men, they are more strong. And we can meet bisexual friends, also should be polite, real face them. 

We need to understand bisexual. We should know, bisexuals and no different, just sexual orientation of the above differences. Many bisexual people are born, they are not able to change anything, in a long period of time, they slowly to accept their bisexuality identity, you know, this is a very hard thing, and we can also imagine how they survived this period of time. 

In the face of bisexual, be polite. In general, bisexual people will show a more open, because they both like a man, and like women, but most of them like some bisexual dating sites looking for friends. So when faced with them, you should pay attention to more. If you have a question, it is important to note that don't touch their sensitive issues, such as some prefer more men or women; Whether like threesome. These problems are not free to ask. 

If your bisexual friends come out to you, it means that each other is very trust you, that means they want to get your approval. Want to know, bisexual women may want to do, also may want to always hide, when they choose to open, must need a lot of courage. 

Finally, you need to understand, bisexual orientation is never change. There are a lot of people want to be able to change their sexual orientation, but finally failed, but also can cause the other party. Time can be more some bisexual forums, such as, take a look at other bisexual people problems, need what help, all of these can bring you inspiration.