How to date a woman if you are bisexual women

A lot of bisexual women are like dating, they want to know more bisexual men or bisexual women. However, most of all don't know how to date, especially how to date with a woman, but also it is difficult to find a woman dating you. We need some bisexual dating tips, or some dating methods. 

You need to know what she thought of bisexual group. Many people have a bias to bi group, even they don't like bisexual, let alone bisexual dating. You need to ask her for the idea of bisexual, whether there is a misunderstanding or other, if only because of misunderstanding, you can guide her the correct understanding of bisexual. If she doesn't like bisexual, you also want to listen to her, and then share your experiences and opinions. A lot of people hate bisexual, mostly caused by ignorance of bisexual. 

If she doesn't like bisexual, even like some bisexual dating sites looking for a friend, then you need to let her know your bisexual identity. You can tell your other friends, and then she back through their understanding to your bisexual orientation; You can also find a suitable opportunity, to find a way to tell her, of course, can't let her dislike you this kind of behavior. In general, as long as she does not oppose bisexual, then you will be able to attract her, and have a chance to date with her. 

If she is also a bisexual woman, that you can be more active, direct tell her you bisexual identity, and let her know that you like her. When you are bisexual women, you will have more in common, more, more accessible, more turns it together, have a bisexual appointment with her is also a very happy thing. If she really don't want to accept your date, you can also tell her you can be bisexual friends

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