How to be a bisexual woman

Being bisexual women, need and sex, the relationship between the leading orientation not only to understand the bisexual women, to know more about lesbian and other women; Bisexual women is no different with others, more than just a bisexual identity, won't make you different from others, and may also have some problems, both love and life. So we need to learn how to become a bisexual woman. 

Know what is bisexual. Bi is a kind of sexual orientation, unlike heterosexual and homosexual, has the characteristics of both the heterosexual also has the characteristics of the gay, so, bisexual more widely. Since there are bisexual women, the same also have bisexual men, you may meet bisexual friends, which will have a lot of men. Bisexual women must recognize the fact that you are a bisexual, you should accept it, there is no need to struggle, you should feel happy, should you can attract men already, also can attract women. 

A lot of bisexual women are born, you know you can't change it. Bisexual women may not be for everyone will like their sexual orientation, because of their sexual desire can be very broad. Actually, there is no need to struggle with your sexual desire, to know the sexual desire is just one of your performance, as a bisexual, you should have more choices and opportunities than others, the advantage of this is god to give you, you can go out to have bisexual dating, looking for more men and women. 

Maybe some people will question to you, this time you should believe yourself. Often someone say bisexual is just a phase, in fact, only a bisexual people know, this is not a stage, is a kind of sexual orientation is really effective, but also for life. When people talk about these, don't care, as far as possible explained to them clearly, not affected by them at the same time, believe yourself. 

If you are ready, you can choose out of the ark. You can choose to your family, or friends, or other sisters, tell them that you are bisexual. You need to be ready before this, you cannot be sure they will have what kind of reaction. After coming out, of course, we won't have so much pressure, will be more happy, the premise is coming out without fail. In the beginning can try some bisexual dating sites, to other bisexual come out, so that we can have more experience.