I am bisexual woman, the bisexual life is OK!

Even the attitude of people to bisexual people are changed, there are still something haven't been changed, such as prejudice. Bisexual people love both women and men, it's true, but it's also wrong. Usually, bisexual people will fall in love with men for some time, and they will fall in love with women for other time, which means bisexual people don't both women and men at the same times, say nothing of threesomes.

And I am bisexual woman, in my mind, the bisexual life is OK.

Many people think the bisexual life is terrible, and the bisexual women and men are sensual. Yes, people are not very good with the impression of bisexual. Who asked the bisexual people love both women and men?

But in fact, the bisexual life is OK!

The bisexual life is just like you, who are not bisexual. We are enjoying the bisexual life, after all, the bisexual life is not bad. Or you can't find bisexual people by the bisexual dating sites, don't is? And you can find some bisexual activities by local bisexual communities or other bisexual organizations(visit bisexual.com to find more bisexual friends like you). If you are interested in bisexual or you are bisexual, you can take part in us! We are very hospitable.

For myself, being bisexual woman, sometimes, I will be depressed very much, but I never care about it, and everyone has their own emotion, furthermore, there are so many bisexual women and men with me, I can ask everyone of them if I need. And I don't regret that I'm bisexual.

I am bisexual woman and the bisexual life is OK!