Maybe all of us are bisexual

Coexistence of human society is a variety of sexual orientation and sexual orientation is not absolute standard, only the size of the orientation, homosexual or heterosexual accounted for the proportion of completely is not large, most people have two kinds of sexual orientation, that is what we call the bisexual people, but most people are mainly prefer straight or gay, so their dual sexual psychology, in fact, it is difficult to show it.

In our life, there are a lot of gay have heterosexual experience ever, while heterosexual under special circumstances, there are examples of homosexuality. So, in fact, most people have become a bisexual potential, we understand the so-called heterosexual, but their sexual orientation towards the opposite sex, and we know gay, their sexual orientation is also sharply towards gay, so they find it difficult to show the essence of bisexual. In fact, according to the research of the Kinsey report, absolutely heterosexual and homosexual part of only a few.

And, even if is bisexual, some of them just like to have sex with a male, and just keep the spirit of love with gay or homosexual attachment relationship, in fact, most of the bisexual couples are maintained a relationship like this. Of course, there are gay and straight, at the same time keep sex relationship, this part are mostly are bisexual single, they have no fixed partner, also need not care about other people think, they are free of bisexual people, they often at some bisexual dating sites, look for other partners.

I think the real bisexual is more painful than gay, they don't know how to choose, they both gender love, most bisexual people are living in difficult choices, they are afraid of choice. If your side have the existence of bisexual, or meet bisexual friends, must not discriminate against them, maybe we and they are the kind of people, only their sexual orientation has shown, and we also hide, in the heart. Sexual orientation is not a standard, just different, maybe all of us are bisexual.