How to identify bisexual?

Many people are curious to bisexual, even for bisexual also very don't understand. They are not able to understand, at the same time also can't imagine why will like two kinds of gender. That should be how to identify bisexual?

Before studying when there is a girl in the class, she is our school is famous bisexual woman. Her boyfriend is a party, as a woman is another of our academy a grow very handsome girl. One time, accidentally this girl go, just talked her feelings, who know her answer was so calm, as if there is no trouble. Need to dig a little later, chat, she said she was a bisexual. Her mind is very simple, think is gender doesn't matter, anyway as long as two people happy together. As for the future, if separated from current partner, so also won't, to influence future choice can go to bisexual dating, look for other bisexual couples, that is to say, is to choose the later it doesn't matter boy or girl.

This bisexual for her, I really can't understand at the time, what a normal person is likely to be two very different people in different gender and coming, however, then in my own case, I can slowly understand bisexual group. Sometimes, I also meeting some bisexual dating sites, in some chat rooms, I also want to, I will not likely is bisexual? In addition, every time I see those who have a boyfriend girl, unexpectedly also will produce a strong affection to some beauty, and bisexual tendency of doubt. That we say, if the boyfriend, will also have the urge to love of a woman, or is itself made same-sex friends, but also will be attracted by the opposite sex, such calculating do not calculate bisexual again? How to identify bisexual?

First of all, we can find that bisexuality has such a characteristic, that is she will not be expressed antipathy for homosexual or heterosexual, whether men or women, they all like, of course, they also hope to can meet bisexual friends. In addition, make sure you are bisexual, not only to the person of two kinds of gender has a mood to appreciate or admire, and more importantly you should be on both gender sexual excitement, has a strong possessive, rather than just appreciate, this is the biggest difference.