Heterosexual and homosexual or bisexual

People is in itself a variety of psychological, a woman can have women psychology, psychology can also have men, even can have two kinds of sex psychology, such as bisexual people, they are male psychology to the female psyche. If simple gender division of mankind, the world is only a man and a woman. If to sexual psychology to divide the people, including men, women, double three psychological situation. There are, of course, there will be a straight, lesbian or bisexual. Because most of the world people are heterosexual, so people will be affected by the whole human culture, think straight is correct, and the development of other sexual orientation is wrong way.

In fact, in this era of diversification, bisexual is no longer a fresh topic. In an open era, we should treat "sex" correct the problem. Whether in school education, family education or social life, we all should understand "sex" and "bi", which we think of sensitive words, perhaps a lot of bisexual people are reluctant to disclose their identity, because the social recognition of bisexual isn't enough, this has caused great harm to their health, when we meet bisexual friends, should give more understanding and help.

Many bisexual people are hidden among heterosexuals, generally it is difficult to find the truth of their orientation. Actually if society to understand more, and bisexual people also won't hiding themselves, they can aboveboard bisexual dating, also can open their bisexual orientation, to live a normal life. For the selection of sex, is a kind of respect for themselves, everyone has the right to self choice. We should not focus on the bisexual group, we just need to keep an understanding attitude is ok, it is also a bisexual people willing to see.

In terms of humanity itself, it should be pluralistic coexistence of collective, pluralistic era will also promote the development of many aspects, which including the development of sexual orientation. All in all, heterosexual, gay, bisexual, coexistence of a variety of sexual orientation age had come.