Correct view of bisexual

A lot of friends in life are met someone who is not same sex, such as gay and bisexual. For people of both sexes sexual attraction or sexual arousal orientation, we call it bisexual. Bisexual, actually simple says, is the combination of the gay and straight, of course, this is only the most simple, in fact, there is a big difference between them. In today's society, although the bisexual has become one of the three main sexual orientation, but it still cannot be accepted. Personally, I think bisexual there is no right or wrong, it was just a kind of sexual orientation, is a kind of outside of heterosexual and homosexual sexual orientation, just now is not accepted by most people. In today's society, we should correct view of bisexual, when we meet bisexual friends, also should give more help.

To be sure, bisexual won't cause harm to the society as a whole. As long as it is no harm to the society, no harm to other people's things are understandable, of course, from the perspective of scientific sex, bisexual and ethical conflict now. But now is open society, human civilization has made great progress, people's ability to accept and more generally, also more open to sexual knowledge, so both bisexual man, or bisexual woman, finally certainly will be gradually accepted by all people.

From a psychological point of view, everyone more or less have a tendency to bisexual, acceptable only in the growth of education, thinking, behavior and so on, the impact is different also, in the end the choice of different. Since bisexual there is a need to, it will have to respect any form of love. But to understand what kind of love, to choose how to take responsibility. They chose the bisexual, under a lot of pressure from all aspects, and we should respect. For bisexual people, of course, this is only temporary, whether bisexual dating, or bisexual love love love, should be happy.