Bisexuality is great

Bisexuality is great. Bisexual, refers to a kind of sex or sexual orientation and sexual orientation is defined as, lasting for a particular gender in sex, emotion. Therefore, bisexual refers to be members of both sexes in sexual and emotional appeal. Bisexual and heterosexual and homosexual are equal, is one of the three main sexual orientation. Bisexual people are everywhere in the world, both the bisexual singles, there are also bisexual couples. Some of bisexual understanding their sexual orientation, also some people don't know the meaning of bisexual.

Relative to the ordinary heterosexual, bisexual has long been seen as sexual orientation has a problem. Although many countries in the world to legalize gay has, but in the mainstream society of heterosexual, gay and bisexual still can't get a good treatment. Of bi is the most sad a group, gay and bisexual this should be in the same boat, you can still have a lot of gay rejection bisexual, they think the bisexual people focused enough. In general, people of bisexual doesn't agree to accept, especially in those countries and regions of relatively backward and closed.

Bisexual, in fact, is not a problem of ideology and morality, is just a special kind of sexual orientation, this sexual orientation itself is nothing wrong, and bisexual people should not be affected by this sexual orientation. A person affected by many factors: the growth of his own fate, he will. But a person become bisexual is not he can decide, but an opportunity. Perhaps this chance is genetic, and perhaps other. But since this is not his decision, bisexual should not be a problem, this is the result of natural development.

Although bisexual people like the rest of the population has some negative phenomena, such as is not loyal to the love object, like some bisexual dating sites, authenticity tendency to conceal his wife family, and so on. Also some bisexual as an excuse, in a fixed relationship or marriage, also have same-sex relationships outside relations, saying she was bisexual, just go out to meet bisexual friends. These can be called a thought or a moral issue, but this is a personal reason, and not all bisexual members is such, should not because a few adverse factors, let all the bisexual people to bear.

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