Bisexual growing community and culture

In the 21st century today, bisexual growing community and culture. Now people's social life, bisexual literature, bisexual dating sites and associated with bisexual subject more and more film and television works, bisexual also gradually become people "familiar" and "strange" topic.

Generally speaking, most people feel sexual attraction is come from the opposite sex, for the straight. But with the opening up of the human civilization and progress, more and more people feel the sexual attraction is different, they love object is not the opposite sex, including homosexual, which is what we call the bisexual. People with bisexual tendency while the relatively small proportion of the population, but the number is not small, and the distribution of a wide range, all over the world have their figure. Bisexual high confidentiality, maybe one day you will meet bisexual friends, but you were completely unaware of, whenever they get along with men, or in dealing with the opposite sex, can behave naturally, is also very normal.

I think bisexual produces two kinds of circumstances, is a kind of physiological reasons, from the moment of birth, is genetically determined. Another is caused by infection acquired habits, the reasons may be is a variety of, love, life, environment, economy, culture, etc. These can all be reasons. For genetic types of bisexual, is unlikely to change that. If is the bisexual people acquired infection, can be appropriate to change, but also can't direct negation, but should be good guide, can create some good environmental conditions, don't let the bisexual confusion, guides them to positive life.

Bisexual's development is a long way, just like all the gay, after years of development and evolution, only the right to receive enough. Believe that with the progress of human civilization, whether thoughts, and culture will be changed. At that time, bisexual also can no longer be a sad group, and everyone can equal coexist, bisexual world, will take off again.