The characteristics of the bisexual

In the human's sexual orientation, in addition to the straight and gay, and bisexual. Bisexual refers to those interested in the straight and gay, are a kind of sexual orientation. Bisexual often have such characteristics:

Most bisexual think oneself is straight, and the adult realised that she was bisexual. Also some bisexual people know their own bi status at an early age, but for various reasons, they are trying to hide their own bisexual orientation.

Whether bisexual men, bisexual women,  bisexual singles or bisexual couples, as long as it is really bisexual people, when they meet men and women, they will produce sexual attraction and sexual excitement. However, due to the social people don't understand, or fear of other people's misunderstanding, bisexual people usually say, they are more satisfied with the opposite sex emotion. Most bisexual will choose at home on some bisexual dating sites, web site has some bisexual video, bisexual dating tips have bisexual chat room, these are all interested in bisexual.

Bisexual women more easily and women fall in love, or in the emotional aspects will be more inclined to women. But most bisexual people all occur two swollen sex and feelings. It is interesting to note that some bisexual men, their sexual behaviors tend to be a man, and feelings tend to be a woman. Some bisexual women believe that sex for men and women are all the same, but the emotional satisfaction comes from women. There are also some bisexual women think men more attractive.

When bisexual dating, they will always have the same topic, talk about their experience, as well as some bisexual dating skills. Bisexual men think that their relationships with men maintain time is shorter in women. And bisexual women think they less number of sexual partners and the time a relationship between men and women are basically identical. Both bisexual men, and bisexual women, they all like going out to meet bisexual friends.