Misunderstanding of bisexual

LGBT groups including Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals and Transgender. Among them, the bisexual is probably the most poor a group, not to be understood, they were heterosexual discrimination, even discrimination against gay bisexual, they be treated with indifference. Due to the world of people believe that they can love a man, and can love a woman, so there are many misunderstandings of bisexual, even have a homosexual or heterosexual forced them to choose a sexual orientation, this is how unreasonable, bisexual is equal, with heterosexual and homosexual only the sexual orientation is different, bisexual orientation and heterosexual orientation and gay are equal.

Up to now, still have a lot of people don't understand bisexual, holding the wrong to them.

1. Bi is a kind of the idea of greed

Many people think that bisexuality is just a man trying to both sexes, can and the man already, also can associate with women, to see which side is better, and then they went to station which side, this is the idea of a kind of greed, contain their inner confusion. Actually bisexual people not hold that thought, due to various factors, cause they like to go out and bisexual dating, they are interested in both men and women, do not need to choose a single gender.

2. Bi like promiscuity

Love object of amplification, let many people to bisexual hold such misunderstanding. Although they go out to have bisexual dating, but that doesn't mean they like promiscuity. Is less than the others, in fact, they wanted to meet bisexual friends, so they like some bisexual dating sites, bisexual single club, etc., but most of them want to look for bisexual friends or to date. Sometimes just their dates is a man, sometimes is a woman, but it has nothing to do with promiscuous.

This is just a part of the error, misunderstanding of bisexual and there are many, moreover is various. But as time goes on, there have been more and more people can understand the bisexual, believe in the near future, bisexual people don't have to be someone else's discrimination, can aboveboard coming out.