I was once a bisexual

I was once a bisexual. After a long inner conflict, and ultimately agree with my bisexual orientation, after heavy is easy, it is regarded as a kind of liberation, I'm so excited. But, after becoming bisexual, I found that my life is narrow. Finally understand, I chose a little bit, lost the most. Most people would like to childhood, because, when we are free, free. I am convinced that: to become a bisexual people's pain is not discrimination, but self bondage.

I really hate those who divided into different groups. Group of why divided into heterosexual, gay, bisexual, or other group? In this "group" to stay for a long time, my biggest feeling is: whether bisexual women, or bisexual men, are a common people. They will often go to date, at home on some bisexual dating sites, or go out to meet bisexual friends and so on. They are not sexual orientation is different, and how big difference and others.

Some people actively promoting "bisexual" liberation. But I think it the main objects of liberation were heterosexual, bisexual people rather than a few. True liberation is the straight, they are fantasy is confused and can't see the real world, the world should be equal. Bisexual, of course, people should also be involved in the movement for the emancipation of, one day, bisexual liberation, heterosexual liberation, gay liberation, etc., every movement will become everyone's movement, all people will be free.

I'm not going to come out, I am also not tell parents my sexual orientation. Because I really don't know how to tell them. Also, I think of it as my secret. If you like a diary, you won't tell others their privacy even parents. And why do I have to put this into public? If some what to say something, then I will tell them: I hope you happy, I also know that this must be your expectations of me. As a bisexual people, you try to be yourself.