I am a bisexual, born

I am a bisexual, born, some people say that bisexuality is acquired, they are some special reasons, such as love, emotional failure, and so on a series of things change sexual orientation, in fact, I didn't think that I, perhaps just because, unclear or afraid to admit their sexual orientation.

Most people don't know, bisexual, or discrimination bisexual, even away from bisexual. You know how difficult to bisexual people live? Do you know how big their stress? Do you know how subtle their feelings? You don't know why they would be more bisexual. They like women and men together at the same time, also like and gay together, they are not for fun, because actually unable to control emotions, when you love you want to escape from here? As I said, bisexual are born, they with their own emotional can't control, it is can't change the fact.

I know a lot of bisexual friends, they are not in the face of social and family friend, only when they meet bisexual friends, they will be able to release the feelings, because everyone is bisexual, it will be easier to talk. They also will be very upset, don't know how to meet bisexuals, although in all corners of the world are bisexual, but they tend to hide the real sexual orientation, hiding in a heterosexual population, it is difficult to be found.

Although there are many bisexual dating sites, can help bisexual people find other bisexual friends, but for many bisexual, they are afraid of the bi dating sites can't help them secret, they need to hide their identity as bisexual, but at the same time also want to find a real and safe place to have bisexual dating. In fact, as long as it is normal bisexual dating site, can keep for the safety of their identity information, so you don't need to worry about. Bisexual people also should be a little bit bright, after only the first identity, to get other people's identity, don't need to worry about their bisexuality orientation.

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