Heterosexual, homosexual and bisexual

A man's heart will feel attracted from others, including both emotional attraction, including sexual attraction. In a nutshell, is the two aspects of "emotion" and "sex" attracted to people at the same time. This appeal may come from the opposite sex, may also come from the gay, also may come from the two kinds of sex, this is because each human nature orientation is different, can be divided into heterosexual, homosexual and bisexual.

If only literally, whether straight, gay and lesbian, or bisexual, there is no scientific significance, they just said a man to fall in love with what gender, heterosexual, homosexual, or gender have two kinds. But, in fact, no matter whether a man talked about love, will not affect whether they are straight, lesbian or bisexual. In other words, a person's sexual orientation is natural, not be midway, just found that the time different. The formation of sexual orientation and self-awareness, are two different concepts. No one can be a born to know what is their sexual orientation. Although some people's sexual orientation is double sex, but they were influenced by the modern culture, thought bisexual is a wrong orientation, even don't know their own bisexual.

Bisexual, is refers to a person is a kind of any gender can attract, can any one gender and build relationships, and be satisfied. So, bisexual people actually don't need to be at the same time with two people of different gender. For heterosexual and homosexual, their relationship is one-to-one, however for bisexual, they could meet bisexual friends, their relationship is likely to be two, or even more, this is the essence of bisexual born, and the rights of bisexual.

Bi is a relatively special group, they found a relatively short time, however, is developing rapidly. There are various types of bisexual bars all over the world, bisexual dating sites, bisexual groups. Worth mentioning is that whether heterosexual, homosexual or bisexual, are equal, sexual orientation is only one way to distinguish between, there is no practical significance.