Give bisexual more help

Bisexual, refers to the social members of both sexes are sexual excitement, people who have this sexual orientation are called bisexual people. Simple said, it is for men, women will have a feeling, and this is the greatest feature of the bisexual people. But it has also attracted many people's misunderstanding and discrimination, maybe there is envy, after all, it makes people feel very unfair, a person can only like men, or women, why can both gender bisexual love?

Actually, until now, still have a lot of people psychological discrimination of bisexual holding, most of them didn't know bisexual, even never heard of this group. I think, no matter gay, straight, bisexual, or "asexual", these four sexual orientation is full equality, there is no biology, the divisions between the superior or inferior of ethics, they are only different sexual orientation. Gay or straight, did not evolve into bisexual, history and gay and bisexual, heterosexual as long. Then, since the human was born gay, straight, bi has been coexist. Bisexual, it's normal for simple sexual orientation, whether you are a straight, or gay, not because of others because, unlike you, despise, insult, denigrate bisexual way of life.

Now, there are a lot of ways can meet bisexual friends, there are a lot of bisexual are able to find their partners. They may on some bisexual dating sites, or some bisexual bar, find other bisexual friend. Even there are a lot of bisexual together, namely we know bisexual couples. In fact, whether bisexual single, or bisexual couples, they all want to be able to normal life, the same as heterosexual or homosexual life, no longer be discrimination, no prejudice. So, when we meet bisexuals, should not discriminate against them, when bisexual dating, we should give more help.

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