Freedom to have bisexual dating

Bisexual, it is an act of sexual orientation or refers to not only for single gender (including male and female) all can produce love mood, and the tendency of easily attracted by their bodies. It is one of the three major classification of sexual orientation, and straight and gay column.

Sexual orientation is not standard, only the size of the orientation, homosexual or heterosexual accounted for the proportion of completely is not large, most people have two kinds of sexual orientation, just on which tend to be more. But that does not mean most people are bisexual, but they have a certain tendency of bisexual, main sexual orientation is still a heterosexual orientation or gay.

There are a lot of gay have heterosexual experience ever, and straight after the special environment or experience, also has turned to gay example. Both bisexual men, and bisexual women, among them, there are only like women and men keep sex relationship, and just keep spirit attachment relationship with gay. Of course, most of the bisexual people keep sex relationship with gay and straight at the same time. If you don't and gay sex, at the same time, also to have sex with heterosexual, that you are likely a bisexual. Only gay, don't want to have sex, only gay attachment.

Actually feel really bisexual is more painful than gay, they wander in between the sexes, many of them are looking forward to one side can put them aside, fork in the road of choice is always difficult. Although on the face of it, they can choose the opposite sex, and can choose to gay, also can choose both gender, but in fact, many bisexuals are concerned this problem, the social discrimination against bisexual and there are many. Bisexual people should try to free direction development, rights, freedom to have bisexual dating.