Bisexual, still have a long way to go.

In human sexuality, for people of both sexes sexual attraction or sexual arousal orientation known as bisexual. In fact, bisexual is an all-encompassing, cover very wide range of words.

People often say that bisexuality stay loyal partner relationship, we sometimes and gay together, sometimes with the opposite sex, so we have to hide our sexuality, because a single sex partners didn't satisfy us. Every year, there will be millions of people around the world and bisexual people get married, or even a lot of bisexual form a family, also is bisexual couples, we said it was enough to explain bisexual can keep faithful partnership.

Many people say that bisexual people cheat gay people's feelings. I don't know whether bisexual will hurt to gay, but I don't think damage because of sexual orientation, but because of love. If a gay bisexual love more, perhaps gay will hurt more, but if a bisexual love a disloyal gay multipoint, the wounded is bisexual.

Perhaps the most wrong view of bisexual study from those who have a serious defect, they think the essence of bisexual people are gay, just because of the lack of self-identity, how ridiculous it is. Bisexual and gay, is a kind of equality of sexual orientation, in today's social development, not only is a gay circles, there are more belong to the circle of bisexual, everywhere can see some bisexual bar, bisexual dating sites and so on, these are sufficient.

In fact, bisexual people psychological pressure is larger than heterosexual and homosexual. Heterosexual group is the mainstream of social forms, the gay now has completely accepted, but there was bisexual group effort, and even a lot of bisexual single hope to have a safe place and date bisexual, they hope to find a suitable partner. Society needs to give bi more help, bisexual, still have a long way to go.