Bisexual should have a correct attitude

Human society has a variety of sexual orientation, but in fact, every character orientation are equal. Bisexual, gay, straight, no difference, just like the street restaurant, all kinds of cuisines, national dishes all have, what would you like to eat go to your favorite restaurant, who have seen what you want to eat of full street?

A lot of bisexual people, Shouting their depressed all day, alone, not understanding. But you have to think about the straight people, or gay people, they are not too depressed and lonely,, also someone will not understand them, even after they got married, will also produce these emotions. Bisexual people should not magnify these bad feelings, should be positive to face, no big deal, bisexual can with a man together, and together with a woman, a lot of people envy.

Society's attitude toward bisexual or more tolerant, bisexual bar, bisexual, bisexual dating sites and so on, these are all social help to bisexual, intolerance is bisexual. Bisexual attitude to life is not correct, emphasize themselves vulnerable people, always complain and always want to social change opinion of bisexual people, and do not change their attitude towards life and mentality.

Many bisexual people are thinking of coming out, they want to aboveboard meet bisexual friends go out. Bisexual, in fact, once out, many parents will hit by the big, can't even accept the fact. Although there are many parents accepted, but they are hope you can happy, don't want to give you add pressure. Bisexual with the psychology of men and women, this leads to their emotions is more abundant than normal, experience is more deep, this is a good thing.
Finally, I hope that all the bisexual can with a normal attitude to life, should not be obsessed with their own.