Bisexual people

In many people's eyes, bi is a "dirty words". Once this is the case, now also is such. Of course, in my opinion, this was because did not understand bisexual. So the word, is actually "stigmatized". It's actually not the case, and bisexual people with "dirty", "base" has no connection. Actually both bisexual, heterosexual, or gay, are the same, only the sexual orientation is different.
Bisexual people want to be more understanding, will no longer be discriminated against, you need to "stigmatized", eliminate those who do not belong to the shadows of bisexual, revealing what.

The first is "adulterous stigma. There are a lot of people think, whether bisexual women, bisexual men, or bisexual single, even bisexual couple, they are particularly prone to fornication. I think that's true in some bisexual body, but if the bisexual group, so it is impossible, it is insulting.

The second is "AIDS stigma." A lot of people when it comes to double, immediately think of the AIDS, it is not true. Indeed, the risk of bisexual are infected with HIV, ratio than heterosexual, but from the entire group, I believe more bisexual sexuality is cautious and safe.

The third is the "stigma" promiscuous. What is often seen in the BBS "bisexual have no true love", such as this. From individuals, lovelorn is unavoidable. Even the heterosexual people, their love and divorce, also is very normal. But personal love failure, not is equal to the whole group, there is no true love. There are a lot of bisexual couple can be a very good life together, and even go out to meet bisexual friends together, together up bisexual dating sites, and so on.

For bisexual people, they have more need of someone else's face, they need other people to get to know them, rather than a misunderstanding. In this personality open society nowadays, bi will be accepted by everyone.

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