Bi is the most ideal

Previously, we are against homosexual and heterosexual marriage, oppose gay cheat straight, it is because the homosexual and heterosexual marriage, not to give heterosexual people should love, had sex with her, and ignored her, irresponsible, etc. But if this is a bisexual, gay and straight couples sex life, had romantic passion he couples have a happy life, we have against the bisexual necessary? The answer is no. Gay can't want to give the opposite sex life, bisexual can. Why gay dating sites so much, bisexual dating sites are few and far between? Is because society does not place bisexual enough attention.

Bisexual seems to be the ideal imagination is presented. They manage the men and women, on the one hand into the mainstream society, and heterosexual woman get married, enjoy the heterosexual society all kinds of benefits, on the other hand, has a secret passion. But, in fact, not all bisexuals can their bisexual relationship open and peaceful coexistence, often is in most cases, heterosexual couples is everyone clear, same-sex couples are hidden. Often can accept heterosexual couples, same-sex couples but heterosexual couples are often not able to accept other same-sex partners.

If it is the best love, why not give more than one person at the same time? Or why can't we give men and women at the same time? However, the reality is that only a small portion of bisexual couples can coexist in bisexual relationship, most bisexual are cheating on their partners. This kind of situation to some extent, caused harm to partner, because of deliberately hiding, she knew nothing about the gay might. I think a lot of your partner's idea is: you can be a bisexual, I can't accept you are on the other hand, if you confess to me is on the other hand. If I am willing to make peace with the your bisexual relationship, that is my choice, but if I concealment, cheated, that is a different result.

Anyway, bisexual is one of the most ideal state, with the progress of human society, bisexual will become the mainstream of society.