About the bisexual

According to the views of natural science, a person's heart can be attracted people from a particular gender, the attraction is shown as: emotional and sexual arousal. In simple terms, this is attracted to people, but also can be divided into emotional and sexual attraction. And it attracts not only come from the same person, likely came from a man, also can come from men, or of both sexes have (bi).

Attracted to the kind of person, what is attracted to a gender, are not themselves can control, sexual orientation is not changed. In other words, a person's sexual inclination to only one in his life, or is gay, either heterosexual orientation or bisexual orientation.

Due to bi was only recently discovered, and the study of bisexual and begin over the years, so a lot of people on the bisexual cannot have a full understanding. They don't know the real meaning of bisexual, mistakenly believe that, as long as can also with two kinds of gender relations, is bisexual. There are also some bisexuals wrong think, now that he is bisexual, so has the privilege, can with all kinds of men, can also with all kinds of women. Either view, are wrong.

Real bisexual, refers to a person attracted to someone who can be any kind of sex, can with any kind of sex relationship, and you can get from any one gender. In fact, a lot of bisexual people after marriage, will not choose to go out with other gay sex, even when they have the need, also can consult with their partners.

Said simply, if a person is a bisexual, so whatever he together with a woman, or with a man, he can be satisfied. As long as the true love, then he is no longer eager to with others.