A bisexual confessions

A bisexual confessions. I am very tired, because I am a bisexual, in the face of my own love her, I don't know should give up or fight for. Also know, I know her for years, she gave me the emotion has always been very real, now in the face of parents, in the face of marriage, I'm a little afraid, afraid can't give her happiness, fear of causing more damage to her later. I don't know whether to her love, I just want to treat her well, really want to clear up your own emotional bias, but always can't, I don't know why from already walked out this bisexual circles, when I was very tired on bisexual dating site, looking for a bisexual people indulge yourself depressive mood, and after every indulgence is deep remorse.

In the face of marriage, I said I need time, no matter how, to get along with so many years, until the face of marriage, had said such words, for she used, is a kind of hurt, but I can't tell the truth of my inner orientation, I can't tell her I am bisexual, I am afraid to do that will bring her more damage, that's why I haven't had the marriage in the face, can not line, now we the appointment time to consider marriage, or break up, or get married. I really want to good what to distinguish yourself really want, but the more such, the more I tired. Choose marriage, I don't know if I can from bisexual circle of friends, very frightened in the marriage life, or virtually caused more damage, whether it's emotional, or life. If you don't choose, together for so many years, parents also look forward to early get married of that day of, I again how to explain, I how to face her again.

Comments: in fact for bisexual, no matter how to choose, is a kind of damage. Maybe because I am not the parties, from an objective perspective on these things. If you choose to her, your problems may be: overcome yourself bisexual orientation, restraint out meet bisexual friends at the same time. If you choose with gay, your problems will likely be again: how to face her, how to face your parents, friends, and your social circle about whether you agree. For you, don't know what would make it easier to overcome difficulties, this need you to choose, there is no doubt that the easy choice is what you should do. Sure, of course, two options are rather difficult, but if you don't pay the price, so there would be no sense, it is ok to follow your own heart.