When I first on bisexual dating site

Remember when I first on bisexual dating site, enter is web site chat room, before that, I have no contact with this type of site. But as I am bisexual more and more in-depth understanding of, the website also aroused my heart more or less of the original psychological, makes me want to meet bisexual friends, to know more about the people in the circle of psychology and life state, can even with them, positive life. From another aspect, can be in imperceptible, let I to bisexual people have deeper understanding. Because most people discrimination against bisexual people mostly holding the psychological, although there are a few people understand, but also not bisexual people themselves understand thoroughly. Before the determination in chat rooms, I'm bisexual people actually are not very understanding. I also met a lot of bisexual friends in bisexual dating sites chat room, to learn from their situation bisexual groups, and know myself.

Straight people, gay people in the world, and bisexual people. There are only different sexual orientation, but the hunger for love is the same. It's like different people like different kinds of drinks, some people like coffee, fruity with some like pure and fresh quietly elegant of milk tea, this is a personal choice and hobby. Love is a feeling, a feeling of unspeakable is real, is an abstract, touch less than, but mix sweet and pain at the same time, the contradiction between solemn and disrespect, a bang however move. From the point of surface phenomena, bisexual people are greedy, whether for heterosexual love, or is homosexual love, will not give up any a kind of love, this is their biggest characteristic. Bi is a contradiction of the more complex. In a word, I think that should not be simply deny bisexual people, because itself is a complex mixed body of contradictions.

Bisexual people, I think the best place is that you can have a more broad field of vision, and to explore the essence of both sexes. And bisexual people's attitude towards love is also not drift. If you can find a mutual understanding and appreciation of partner, bisexual relationship may be more pure, of course, if everyone is bisexual women or bisexual men, would be much easier to understand each other. Although bisexual people is a lot of heterosexual and homosexual discrimination, and only we know, however, only from the gender Angle of view of true love, is a great love, so, as a bisexual people, it is great.

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