We are bisexual women

We live in a heterosexual socialist society. And what this means is that people's way of thinking or behavior is "everyone should be heterosexual" guided such inner thoughts. Some people see the contrary to the idea, will feel uncomfortable. We often proud because of their distinctive characteristics, but society will jump to conclusions about sex minority groups. This may be because the public lack of widespread recognition of sexual orientation; Most people don't know that sexual orientation and other human characteristics also have diversity. Today, bi group, have become the social equality sooner or later.

"Bisexual phobia" not only exists in the society, also exist in the gay community. Many gay people will be very easy to understand and accept as the feeling of the homosexual or heterosexual, but can't accept the bisexual free in between this concept. Others believe that the AIDS into heterosexual group's the culprit is bisexual group. This view is clearly wrong, the spread of HIV/AIDS in heterosexual couples will only more slowly, because of their greater use of condoms, and the precautions.

Canada in gay, lesbian, bisexual women and men fight for equal rights has taken a very positive attitude, the attitude of mainstream also improved accordingly. Today, bisexual women are almost as enjoy equal legal status and straight. In addition, there are many special acceptance of the contribution of this group, because they are different. But if you want to live in a world without discrimination, the road ahead is still a long way to go.

Not everyone in childhood has solved the sexual orientation. Some people can't hold their feelings, until the late adulthood accept their homosexual tendencies. Others until you meet the let them in emotional and physical passion bloom the person, we can truly awakening. There are people whole life pretending to be straight, they live like heterosexuals, marry and have children, but the neglect and hide their own emotional way is not a long-term solution. Those lifetime disguised themselves immersed in pain all his life (physical and psychological, interpersonal communication, realize the goal of life pain, etc.). No matter how good at pretending to be us, the fact that we are bisexual women always emerged.