Meet bisexual women and men

The bisexual orientation is "persistence in two gender emotional and sexual attraction." Sexual orientation and comfort are two completely different concept of sexual orientation and sexual behavior has nothing to do. People usually say bisexual refers to the man with a pair of sexual orientation, in general, what kind of sexual orientation will have what kind of sexual behavior, that is to say, bisexual women and men have the double sexual orientation, attracted by the opposite sex at the same time, will also be attracted to, desire and heterosexual sex already, also eager to same-sex sexual behavior. With both sexes, however, have taken place in sex, but can not say must be bisexual orientation, that is to say, sex and gender, in addition to a bisexual, it is also possible that heterosexual, may also be a gay.

According to the sexual behavior to judge whether a person is bisexual is not correct. In general, the bisexual orientation at birth have been identified, will not change affected by the environment. Sexual orientation is not a choice, also is not I can control. However, sex is highly controlled. So a person can be completely consistent with sexual orientation is not sex. That is to say, a heterosexual orientation, may be involved in gay sex, and a gay person, may be involved in heterosexual sex. So, want to according to a person's sex, determine his sexual orientation, it is not possible, at the same time also shows that the difference between sexual orientation and sexual behavior, is very important. Especially for bisexual people, sexuality and sexual distinction is more important, they will be interested in both gender.

In general, in addition to a few people, most of the bisexual people will not disclose their sexual orientation, now this society there are still a lot of people don't understand bisexual, holding the discrimination of psychological for them. It also led to this part of the bisexual people can only hide their sexual orientation. They can only silently some bisexual dating sites, through the network, can meet bisexual friends, this is a lot of bisexual women and a man's life. Regardless of sexual orientation, everyone should be treated fairly, should not have discrimination.

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