Love you, bisexual girlfriend

In order to make the boyfriend know their sexual orientation, a bisexual girl sent a letter to his boyfriend. At the same time also hope that this letter can let more people understand the bisexual women.

Mail contents are as follows: I've lost count of how many times I tell a man I am a bisexual woman, anyway, just to see his eyes shining, smiling. I seem to imagine the 3 p star. Or, he thinks I'm gay, unattainable, somehow I find it hard to get, even does not make sense. Think it was kind of exciting, until he realized that to go to bed with me no difference with any other straight girls to go to bed. I'm sorry, guys, I'm not a slut, you are looking for I just fell in love with a girl. But you don't like the other boys I've ever met. I mentioned that I was a bisexual woman, may when some rash. You interrupted, no god eyes glaze over. You are in silence for a long time, I also don't know why.

You said it is too "crazy". We never talk about this later. Struggled to walk all the way, I really like you, worried that you can accept such a small part of my own. Only it doesn't really is a small part. I dating relationship with you, I just want to associate with you, not because I have been waiting for the arrival of the right girl, not because you are a "niang cavity". But because you are humorous, kind, charming, I love you, more than anyone who loved a man before.

But that doesn't mean I'm not bisexual now, I still like bisexual woman, I know you hate it, and I know that you prefer to associate with a "normal" women, at least, you said so. I just very normal, I am not the so-called half a girlfriend. The other half of my heart is not with a woman, it's you, your whole heart is all you, always. I don't hope you can understand, I love a person, no matter who, but only love one at a time, in all my body and mind.

My sexual orientation is not decided who I am, but my past made me: every relationship will scar. I don't want to say that I'm not bisexual, deny me because this is in the past, deny my other relationships in the pain and the joy of the experience.

Think about your past girlfriend. For the first time she kiss you, she say she love you for the first time, she cry on your shoulder for the first time. These moments have passed, but they still is special for you. No matter how much this makes me jealous to wince, I don't want you to think about this, the same I also don't want you to ask about my past.