Invisible bisexual

Heterosexual, homosexual and bisexual is considered to be at the same time of "sexual orientation". Sexual orientation are generally divided into the three now, a small part of lesbian, gay, bisexual and the vast majority of heterosexual. I think it is divided into four kinds, a small part of lesbian, gay, bisexual, the vast majority of stealth bisexual and a small number of heterosexual. I said the vast majority of invisible bisexual, in the normal state they originally is a straight in the eyes of the people, but then after reach a certain elements, showing the nature of the bisexual, this is what I call the "invisible bisexual", they may be bi singles, may also have their own sexual partners.

In history, we can hardly see "to" bisexual or gay andstraight, most from heterosexual "steering" bisexual, note that there is not to say that from heterosexual "steering" gay, because this also can hardly see in history. For such a phenomenon, is worth us deep thinking, why? I also learned a lot of knowledge about sexual culture and yourself with this part of the sexual minority groups are seen as an interaction between all the cognitive. Some bisexual people see this phenomenon, also see a heterosexual "turn" the bisexual, they are more doubts, deeper than we doubt, so they also try to change myself, but I want to say is that they also recognize same-sex orientation is not can change, but as a bisexual pain and discriminated against, let they hope can change in pain, get rid of the pain, to be able to live like people on social mouth so-called "normal" life.

If only in my opinion, I would say that sexual orientation is can't change, if you are a bisexual people, that you are a bisexual absolutely, if you are an absolutely straight, then you are a straight, you as a heterosexual just straight a member of the group, because more heterosexual are hidden nature of bisexual women or bisexual men, that is to say, most people are hidden in human bisexual people, and to inspire the bisexual orientation is to attain certain requirements, perhaps with some bisexual dating sites, or by other bisexual friends infected, and so on. We build too many framework for their social, and taking these frameworks for truth, is very sad. The framework is of our own creation, why we can't break them?

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