I really think that bisexuality is no problem

I really think that bisexuality is no problem, just live in the society where a lack of love, I will become a bisexual women, at least in my view. Elementary school students cried before, the class will be enclosed in the past, high school, the students cried, lay with her classmates in the past, around the university, you cry, no one around. Such an environment, if two people can not reputation, regardless of the gain and loss, not as good as public opinion, just love each other, that we have what reason to despise them, they are better than our people are brave and strong. In front of love, all things equality and inequality. Love is on the gender equality, at least as long as there is love, what we are bisexual women, lesbian what, like bisexual dating sites what. But, who love who doesn't love is a moment of impulse, is a read is the life, so, sometimes not equal love, likes and dislikes are not themselves can choose, therefore, there is a lot more pity and helpless.

Has always been to promote "a word is not I like gay, but I like of the person happens to be gay", love is the eternal theme in literature, who is a pursuit of love and beauty, there is no denying the fact that the bisexual love is another highly, bisexual women is more pure than bisexual men, less is a mess, the purpose of a more simple and good. There is nothing difficult, just fall in love, not sorry to anyone. As long as love each other, we should boldly proclaim to the world, in spite of all, love so love. No matter gay, bisexual, as long as there is love, everything is not a problem, as long as there is love.