Bisexual friends help each other

Most bisexual people have multiple sex partners. After and heterosexual couples, development and stability, some bisexual would feel as if into a heterosexual, they believe that they can adapt to a single partnership. But apparently, they tend to underestimate their bisexuality. Actually, for bisexual people, these are not important, they hope to be accepted by the straight and gay, hope everybody can equal view them. As people with bisexual tendency, they don't want to be discriminated against.

I once met a bisexual woman in California, US, she is optimistic and cheerful, very have temperament, dress is also very fashion. When you first met her, won't believe she is a bisexual woman. Even after you chat, you can't believe such a woman was bisexual, maybe you will think that's a pity. My bisexual friend had coming out long ago, for her, bisexual identity doesn't let her feel embarrassed. She has established several bisexual dating sites alone, hope people can have a correct view of bisexual, also help those isolated bisexual people, help them identify themselves. She thinks the public to bisexual people all discrimination and don't understand, some people who don't understand bi also because of others' opinions, for bisexual discrimination, in the end, or because bisexual is not accepted by most people. So, she would often organize some bisexual activity, can be more correct to help others see bisexual men and women.

A lot of bisexual people relatively poor health status, bisexual as minority discrimination by others. It also makes them relatively backward in income, education level, and so on. Bisexual people face the low income, social and economic status is not equal to these questions, and even domestic violence, abuse and so on, this to their mental health is also a kind of hurt.

I think, the bisexual friend's charm, largely from confront and acceptance of her sexual orientation, for other bisexual people help and dedication. Bisexual is actually a thankless role of both sides, a lot of heterosexual don't understand them, and a lot of gay also think they are too greedy, will sooner or later abandoned gay people to the opposite sex. Once upon a time, gay and bisexual, also is considered a crime, is a disease, it is wrong to act. Today, gay has been accepted and recognized by law, believe in the near future, bisexual people can also be accepted by everyone.