I have always been a bisexual woman

I have always been a bisexual woman, yes, I like the opposite sex, but that's because I'm a bi, I more than like the opposite sex, I also like the gay. What I get is the right of bisexual, is for the rights of gay and straight. Because I can at the same time on the physiological and psychological also can love the opposite sex, I can pretend to be gay, also can pretend to be straight. But I don't think what it really true feel good about themselves, the real bisexual women.

You may not know how to call themselves to the sense of sex, or don't know your feeling, for both men and women so you don't know should shouldn't call yourself bisexual. Self-identity is the key to how you see yourself. Many people go to bed with men and go to bed with a woman, but still did not think of themselves as bisexual. And some people only go to bed with a gender, or no sex life, but still see themselves as bisexual. Actually these are not correct, the real bisexual refers to gay love at the same time, also have a love for women.

One of  the nation's oldest bisexual dating sites (www.bisexualwomenmeet.com) is to help or think is looking for a boyfriend or girlfriend bisexual people. There are many women are in a relationship with bisexual or gay men or in marriage. Some women thought after each other in the relationship with their is no longer to have sex with men. There are some women at the wedding or the years only to find that the other person's sexual orientation. Some women at the time of the exchanges have known the other half is bisexual or sex with other men. Some women thought after each other in the relationship with their is no longer to have sex with men. For some women, the other half are bisexual or straight, it is not important for them.
A lot of bisexual women and their sexual partners in the difficult loyal one-to-one relationships, most of them are only to men like to stay on the emotion of appreciation, and does not need in an actual relationship. And some will struggle with demands for male and female partners commitment, fear, shame and guilt makes them furtive underground activities. Some people, in an open relationship between intimacy with your partner, honest, public explanation is bisexual woman, but the two sides will discuss well, too, in this way, they still have a good time.