Go out to meet bisexual

Under the condition of modern society, in addition to a heterosexual and homosexual, there is a big part of people are bisexual. They don't understand by the society, also do not know by people, even by many discrimination and misunderstanding. Bisexual people have a lot of physical and psychological stress, many bisexual people, most people set up a family with the opposite sex, and have children. But many couples to conceal sexual orientation, go out to meet bisexual, the so-called "double life" after marriage. Of course, there are a few of bisexual couples, don't be afraid of others know their sexual orientation, all of them are bisexual, they through some bisexual dating sites, find other bisexual couples or bi singles and live a happy life together.

If society to a common heart treated bisexual people equality, they have we live in the sun, will not cause by long repressed mentality, and they will also, like a heterosexual people fight for a "long-term, fixed and have the feelings of sexual relations". Bisexual people and their relatives and friends of mental distress will reduce greatly. But if the society as a whole did not form open, equal and tolerant attitude, bisexual women and men want "coming out" is unrealistic. Social attitude is very important, if society is no longer the bisexual people misunderstood or discrimination, I think all the bisexual people can open their own bisexual.

Is the basic way to solve this problem, the objective understanding bisexual, eliminate prejudice, respect the society, family recognition, the solution to this special group to bring a lot of social problems. Improve the bisexual people's survival environment, development of all kinds of bisexual dating sites, to help them meet bisexual friends. Most of all, the government and the news media to the public popularize knowledge of science of bisexual, bisexual corresponding attention to, promote this group have the courage to stand up, let the public know bisexual. Bisexual people walked out of the premise is to have a corresponding policy guarantee, such as employment, etc cannot be discriminated against, to avoid they just open their identity by various damage behavior.