Bisexual women's sexual orientation will not change

A woman if she continues to feel for men and women attractive physical and psychological, so he is a bisexual woman. A heterosexual woman might also find another male sex, but he is not a lesbian, also not bisexual women.

Heterosexual can also occur gay sex. And gay sex heterosexual women usually because of sexual attraction, lesbian and bisexual women are often said to attract them more than the other person's sex and other individuals.

In our life and some social occasions met some of these people, men and women are attractive to them, such a person is, of course, bisexual. Bi is not just a sexual orientation, is also a kind of of gender identity. About bisexual explanation is very complex, it is difficult to find out the answer to a satisfy everyone. Some want to have the advantage of heterosexual bisexual women and men, they would never say that they want to become a lesbian or bisexual, also won't let other people to help them to become so. Instead, they hope that we think they were heterosexual, these people need to accept the authenticity of their orientation, from the inside to remove misunderstanding about homosexuality and bisexuality.

A person's sexual orientation will not change. No matter he is gay, straight, or bi, it is impossible through treatment change his identity of their sexual orientation. A gay or bisexual, regardless of whether he is willing to according to their sexual orientation direction to develop. No matter he is gay, bisexual or straight, according to its own direction.