Bisexual women should be more brave

Studies have shown that compared to lesbians, bisexual women more likely to develop mental illness and mental illness, most bisexual women are more likely to feel lonely, depression, loss of appetite, and even self-destructive behavior. Of course, there are a few of the bisexual women live very happy, don't care about what others think of them.

For most of the bisexual women, they are not willing to keep your mind open to friends, family, and co-workers are also less likely to have a good feeling. Won't even tell others, they will go to some bisexual dating sites, looking for bisexual friends. Although they compared to lesbians, may be in work and life, education, and families are less vulnerable to other people's discrimination, can have more friends, family and colleagues will be problems. Than heterosexual women's mental health is inherently less than heterosexual women, bisexual women's mental health is worse than the heterosexual women. There are also part of the reason is that the bisexual women always been marginalized in society.

Although bisexual women than lesbian are less discrimination, but that of their mental health and mental health has no positive effect. Even as the growth of the age, bisexual women's mental state will be worse, physical health and mental health will be worse and worse. Some illness serious bisexual women, can appear even thoughts of suicide. At the same time they also have a worse mental health, more tend to use large amounts of marijuana and sedatives. I want to say is, no matter how women's sexual orientation, they should have equal rights, should have a healthy body and healthy mind. Of course, with the progress of the society, bisexual women's life has changed, the identity of the bisexual women also get more and more people.

Some women to hide their bisexual orientation because of their poor mental health.  Also make the bisexual women more lonely, more negative attitude toward yourself, and be more social prejudice. But now the society, bisexual has been gradually recognized by people, as a bisexual women, not in clandestine, also need not in hide their identity as bisexual, brave coming out.