Bisexual women love bisexual dating sites more

View of bisexual has a lot of kinds, mainly is the understanding of bisexual people is not enough. This has also led to bisexual on a lot of misunderstanding.

Bisexual are promiscuous? Some say bisexual have more sexual partners, the right to choose, this is because of their sexual orientation. But I want to say is, have more choice, also does not mean that the bisexual people are more promiscuous. This is just a misunderstanding of their sexual orientation, a large part of bisexual only one sexual partner. Everyone is bisexual? In fact, this view is wrong, bisexual people belong to a person outside of the gay and straight, they are an independent group, both different from straight, it is also different from gay. There is no bisexual? Relative to everyone is bisexual, this view is even more ridiculous, bisexual people must exist. Bisexual women more quantity than bisexual men? This actually not sure, does not have an actual data to show bisexual women more. Bisexual women don't like monogamy? There are a lot of people think, bisexual women will have a lot of partners, however, this does not mean that the bisexual women don't like the life of the monogamy. Bisexual women and men like bi dating sites? With the development of the network, the dating site more and more, in order to better service for bisexual people, the number of bisexual dating sites has been increased. But I think, it doesn't have any problem, bisexual women and men, more than a lot of gay people and straight people, like on a dating site, looking for friends.

Also has the characteristics of many bisexual. Most bisexual people did not know their sexual orientation from the start, they think they are heterosexual, later realised that she was bisexual, even some bisexual women said, before getting married, she didn't know he is a bisexual woman. Bisexual women often think that their number of sexual partners is less than the bisexual men. Bisexual women or bisexual men, they will be attracted by a man and a woman, but the appeal will be different because of personal reasons, some bisexual women more like women, there are some bisexual women prefer men.