Bisexual Women And Men

Some people like women, like men, and some people are interested in both men and women. These are the so-called bisexual people. From the emotional point of view, regardless of whether they are straight or gay, or bisexual, as long as it is sincere feelings, those are not important. Sometimes we like to look on coldly, and neglect the hot feelings, but if our role reversal of completely, we will how to think. But love often is selfish, greedy to exclude all share it, so when we found our partner is bisexual woman or bisexual man, they like the bisexual dating sites, they prefer to associate with, or in contact with you at the same time, people are associate with gay, how many people can tolerate this kind of hard to reconcile the status quo? Love is the chains, or the source of happiness? Being the shackles, the freedom and who is in charge? If is happy, thinking of deviant, even on gay can't forgive?

Bisexual seems to be a bizarre tunnel, it is difficult to find a real exports. In the mainstream society of heterosexual, bisexual women and men are a lot of discrimination, they think that heterosexuality is the mainstream of society and the specification, they don't realize that the society is also there should be a gay and bisexual. Anyway, heterosexual people, gay people, bisexual people are people, do not deliberately to divide, sexual orientation is different does not represent what, everyone has their own choice, love is free. If you are a bisexual, also need not be afraid, love is irrespective of race, regardless of gender.

With the development of the society, bisexual people's life has improved a lot, they can receive good education, find a good job, it is especially important for them. After work, can in some bi dating sites, to meet bisexual friends. These changes also mean bi have changed people's life, believe in the near future, bisexual people can and straight people, everyone is the mainstream of the society.