Bisexual women and bisexual men

About a person's sexual orientation, personally think that sexual orientation is carried by the newborn genomic decision, emotion is a blurred, affection, friendship and love can be mutual conversion. Similarly, in today's society, an open mind, marriage is not limited to men and women, so everyone on sex is more fuzzy to this problem. A man may be bisexual people for treason, may also be due to other factors.

Society's attitude toward bisexual people, in fact, most of people don't understand. Some say bisexual, it is abnormal, they browse bisexual dating sites, all day long looking for bisexual women and bisexual men, with men and women looking for organ in friction of pleasure. This view I couldn't agree with, this is discrimination against bisexual people, in society there are too many people don't know, bisexual, only know that bisexual men and women are interested in. Have to say is, whether it's bisexual men, or bisexual women, they are for men and women would have the psychology of love, but they not to have sex together, but the real emotional needs.

From the perspective of psychoanalysis, each person may have more or less bisexual orientation. Sexual orientation is not the cause of formation of the exact theory, general that sexual orientation may be formed by a combination of many factors and born at the same time, also will be affected by some factors, the day after tomorrow, such as education, family, life, these will affect the formation of bisexual orientation.

The last also hope all bisexual people can be positive in the face of life, can browse more bisexual dating sites, there is a problem still can enter web chat rooms, have time can also go to meet bisexual friends, communicate with them more, it also promotes the development of bisexual groups, for bisexual people own, is also a good way to face yourself.

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