Bisexual women and bisexual men

Bisexual belong to middle part of the gay and straight? People trying to locate a bisexual in a state of between gay and straight. Attract bisexual women and men was more than the opposite sex, and gay. But this does not mean that bisexuality is gay and straight in the middle of the state. Actually, bisexual belongs to the third option outside of gay and straight, not between gay and straight. In fact, some women like men, men also like the idea, told the besides gay and straight, some people also can be a double sex, namely bisexual women.

The researchers found that the bisexual women and heterosexual, gay and bisexual men than bisexual women's overall health status is poorer, psychological problems are relatively more. With the progress of the society, although the bisexual women's quality of life has made great improvement and improve than before. They can go to look for more bisexual friends,  on some bisexual dating sites, can go on a date with other bisexual. However, some bisexual women's quality of life is still lower than other sexuality women's quality of life. Bisexual women tend to be marginalized and vulnerable to the pressure of the society, their capacity is often better than bisexual men. This leads to a bisexual women more mental health problems, physical health is poor, and even feel lonely and want to commit suicide. Of course, this also is only a small fraction of people can have such a serious psychological problems, most bisexual women are healthier.

However, compared with bisexual men, bisexual women are more willing to work in the bisexual orientation of life openly. Perhaps because bisexual women feel more lonely than men, they need more friends, to share their life and disturbing to others. Whether bisexual women or bisexual men, they all hope to be of equal view, everyone is equal, there should be no discrimination.