Bisexual women and bisexual group

I always thought I was a lesbian, but I don't know why I also like some of my male friends, gradually, I know, originally I was a bisexual, my god, I actually is a bisexual woman. To begin with, I dare not believe, I always thought that bisexuality doesn't exist. But as more and more bisexual women coming out, I also accept yourself, I think the bisexual also nothing important, just sexual orientation is different, and lesbian also makes no difference. Because my side is a lesbian friend, I don't know how to meet bisexual friends, so I try to start looking for other bisexual. In the beginning, every day I browse some bisexual dating sites, the website has a variety of bisexual people, they come from various places, and even different RACES, which greatly satisfied my curiosity, there are so many people like me, they are bisexual. I began to look for local bisexual friends, and join the local bisexual groups, getting to know more and more bisexual friends, and they talk about their respective bisexual life, also got on to the topic of the ark.

In fact, in addition to our own, I really don't think people can understand bisexual people, especially my parents, they can't understand the existence of bisexual. Bisexual I have many friends, they told me that they also come out to my mother and father, but the result is unexpected, most parents are not able to accept, that bisexuality doesn't exist, they think the bisexual people, especially the bisexual women, just because of the confusion. So, I decided to temporarily don't tell my parents, my friends, classmates, and colleagues know, and they have to accept my bisexual identity, to tell my parents, I think so that they can also make it easier to accept.

As a bisexual woman, must meet more bisexual, such ability can better accept bisexual identity, even if you have any difficulty, you can also help each other, bi is a group.

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