Bisexual will be more and more

More recent contact with bisexual, both bi singles, also has bisexual couples. Actually from the watch, I start to feel human development at this stage, should say is humanity's open, or the progress of humanity again? Of course, I also know that there are a lot of people can't stand, rejected, and with irony bisexual unkind words. Temporarily not to discuss the progress of human society on earth is bisexual orientation or degradation, whether the original human nature of the original desire of dominant performance, or distorted alternative qualitative change human nature.

After tens of thousands of years of human evolution, actually has the tendency of bisexual, long before then why say trend? Because the past has yet to realize double sex this concept, failed to open to accept, or scientific understanding, especially in the mind. In today's society, more and more people have tendency bisexual, perhaps because of the open society, or perhaps because of the progress of human society, in short, the bisexual women and men, is a good development trend.

In fact, there are a lot of man with a double sexual orientation, just they don't know. As for bisexual tendency will become a bisexual, this is uncertain. Need to look at individual contact circle of interpersonal relationships, and the surrounding environment influence, also including the impact on ideological, such as some bisexual dating sites, bisexual bar and so on, these will affect the formation of bisexual. We can't also become a bisexual people is good or bad, everyone according to their own characteristics, cognitive degree of different, also have different opinions to bisexual.

Regardless of bi is a sign of progress or degradation, we need to do, for others is not exclusive, blow, sex to the development of respect for others, this is the most important thing. Each kind of sex to the development, not our own decision, but by the result of a variety of factors. Bisexual and heterosexual no difference, the society is always in constant evolution, development, follow the pattern it is ok to go.

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