Bi singles and bisexual couples

Modern society, and bisexual people can't love oneself want to love, in most people's opinion, straight is the mainstream of society, bisexual just wrong sexual orientation. I want to say is, love is the transcendence of other, therefore, falling in love with a gay and in love with the opposite sex is the same. Many people think, when really know themselves bisexual orientation, means the death of a family, moral decay, sex crime and lose of gender identity. But, in fact, many of the bisexual people life is very good, they accept their sexual orientation, they every day to meet bisexual, and also very satisfy for their identity as bisexual, which leads to their different life. They were mostly bisexual couples.

However, there are a few of bisexual people lack of self-identity, and not by family and social identity, not only a positive face yourself bisexual orientation, also deliberately strengthen their heterosexual behavior patterns. But their inner double sex but can't throw away, can only secretly on some bisexual dating sites, to find their loved ones gay people or bisexual people, at the same time, to satisfy his psychological also meet the needs of your body. This part of the National People's Congress are mostly bi singles, they don't have an understanding of their partners, this is also a lot of bisexual single want to find a bisexual couples.

Whether bisexual women or bisexual men, should be positive to face their own bisexual. Need to know that we don't have any and heterosexual people and gay people are different, in addition to sexual orientation. And our sexual orientation is one of the biggest advantages, not only have a heterosexual orientation, also have same-sex orientation, whether heterosexual, or gay, didn't we. I believe that one day, bi is the mainstream of society. They come from different RACES, accept different education, have different families, however, these are not important. They have the same orientation, and is the most widely orientation, this is the most important thing. With the development of the society, bisexual groups will be more and more, finally beyond heterosexual groups, become the mainstream of society.

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