Actually, I am here is not the courage to say I'm bisexual

Actually, I am here is have no courage to say my own is bisexual, because I am from the first day contact lesbian site, know lesbian is despised bisexual women! And many people even don't admit there are bisexual women, think we "evasive! You have such a lover is the most annoying, actually they are lesbian, but always at hesitant want to thoroughly do lover, always give yourself an excuse, said I love men! In fact, you and they think about is making love woman! The fact is that so? I admit that there are such people exist, I used to is such, but which one is willing to be frank and open without a bit of confusion and struggle to accept oneself is a woman who likes women. For eight years, I've been in pain to know themselves, analyze yourself, you almost put his heart out to see a clear. From a girl of 15 or 16 to work to the youth, as mental mature, rich experience, let me see your true thoughts and feelings, and understand their own responsibilities and obligations, to know I‘m a bisexual woman, know what they like. I love my boyfriend, but also like other women. Between bisexual women also have love, but the mood is not desire anything, I just are sisters. So now this a few women and I have been good friends, because we don't talk about love. But for men, I love, for parents, for her boyfriend, I was responsible for the future children, and I dream to have a warm family.

As for some people despise us these bisexual women, that's no way out. But you have to remember that people are tolerant view you pure gay, but why can't you gay tolerant treatment of bisexual? Actually bisexual living more pain than you really gay, but I regret my choice, I do have a clear conscience.