Bisexual tendency

The Bisexual people, there are only a few of basic balance of the sexes, most bisexual are focus on the obvious even heavier than another (bisexual women or men). A lot of people in life characterized by periodic transfer or lay particular stress on hobbies. However, this part and pure homosexual and heterosexual, is innate internal cause, and decisive he or she is not a pure gay, but also is not purely a heterosexual, how the eroticism, and accordingly, Choose the most suitable for their own way, and the latter might also be restricted by certain cultural factors. Nature must show the phenomenon, however, a tendency to have the upper hand, another tend to be absolutely impossible forever in a latent state, in the right time, He or she will show their bisexual tendency. Under the cultural factors of depression, this underground latent state in himself, to the society, not only is not necessarily a blessing, but it is also possible that a curse.These, it is innate good internal decision, lifestyle can look, the tendency itself is have and then have, have no have no, latent latent, shines, and even play the part of the phase, bones are affected, on face also not endure, this is a fact, ignoring the fact that will only lead to false and self-deception, as well as a series of serious social problems.

Both bisexual women or bisexual men, regardless of the gender flat or our, always have two possible, only this part of the people, is likely to change role or choose a different way of life, look at the situation, as for the pure gay and straight, almost there is no such possibility. Because congenital internal constraints, the environment factors, some sexual services for gay sex workers themselves are heterosexuals, do this for money, it is a special case of the little, moreover, this part of the people even more long-term in the midst of what they actually do not prefer gay sex, are heterosexual.From the perspective of behavioral science, any kind of behavior, including sex, there must be a purpose and its behavior motivations behind, in sex, is a kind of mental state, including gender identity and sexual orientation, the content of the psychological is subjective, but psychological mechanism is the objective, see a person's sexual orientation, not to see what has happened to him keep of sex, choose what kind of sexual life. But, look at him the way of behavior, the tendency of real, preferences, and this tendency and preference can be persistent, presence of wandering characteristics on both ends, whether fixed or moving, as long as can be stable, are internal decision, no one can dress up your sexual orientation is not preference by forever not show, because nature is bound to show the phenomenon.