One male and two female unique family in California

Los Angeles has a special family. The host name is Adam, the 34-year-old. The hostess has two, one is called brooke, 26 years old; Another name is Jane, 25 years old.

When living together with Adam, brooke bring her with former boy, oliver is now 5 years old. Brooke dwell with Adam, after she gave birth to a child, named Dante. Recently, a family of five, took a family portrait.

Later, he want to find true love, to establish a long-term stable relationship. In 2007, he met in London nightclubs, Alexandra, in love with her, dating a year later, two people get married, home of the migration to Alexandra, Texas.

Three years later, gradually, because Adam want children, but Alexandra don't want to be born. In order to maintain marriage, two people agreement: both sides can find another friends. Since then, the two belongs and peaceful.

One day in 2012, the spring breeze blows. Adam also and to have a mutual friend Alexandra brook, when the waiter at the bar. Adam thought Brooks was a lesbian, but on the day of chatting, Alexandra told Adam, brooke is a bisexual woman, also said, men and women loaded. Alexandra generously encourage Adam and brooke with pillow for sleeping. Adam after wife incited, during a tour, proactive. Brooke was also liked to Adam. Natural ganci agni. And then you come to me to, two people find a common language. Adam found a new love and Alexandra still don't want to have children, so Adam decided to break up and Alexandra, two people marriage ended.

Brooke, of course, is truly in love with Adam. So, naturally, two people form a new family.

Said earlier, brooke is bisexual. She confesses that she love Adam, but she is not willing to give up the pursuit of women. Adam also has the selfishness, also don't want to get a tree and give up a forest, so warm, agrees. Then go to the strip club, two people get on a stripper, and then go home 3 p. A man and a woman, that parts, in English are heading p, so the 3 p can be any combination, are simplified into a unified way, not as complicated as Chinese.

In Texas, in 2013, Adam and brooke met a female photographer, a nightclub called Jane. Brooke immediately love Jane, she is superfun and very intelligent.

Jane and brooke are bisexual women. She felt with Adam and brooke, freely, is very easy. Three people to the third date, is making love to pour chicken together.

Two women and a man, and formed a new family. Early spring in 2014, the family moved to Los Angeles. California is the paradise of the liberal Democratic Party, and Texas is one of the traditional bastion of the republican party. Although there is no freedom in California to the point of allowing the second wife marriage, but for the drunk, messy cohabitation, the government is letting off steam.

Because both are bisexual women, equal to is also a pair of, so will not upset vinegar altar. Their bedroom with a size of the largest bed, large size. Adam plans to add a female partner. Brooke and Jane said, to increase the likelihood of a fourth permanent partner is open. If she is a bisexual woman, they also will be more happy.