Men marry bisexual women do wife marriage more stable

If I was a man who is too extensive, unexpectedly found himself a wife and a strange woman caress, kiss the excesses such as I'm indifferent, thought, form the affection between the woman already expression between man and in a different way. In the street, for example, who will be the two holding hands or cuddling women feel strange? If in a man, must have been to pop the spine!

However, then the wife's performance is very abnormal, the embarrassment, shame, tension, palpitations, and even tried to compensate by husband and wife life strange language, expression and action, etc., have to let me go get the wife and the strange woman of what's going on. Suddenly, the mind flash across a few words, my wife is bisexual woman.

What is a bisexual? Bisexual can simply be defined as not only love a man, and for women interested in? I have no doubt the wife of my feelings, for a long time, I am very grateful to my wife to pay everything for the family, if my wife is really so, I think first of all should reflect on is to be my husband.

However, sexual psychology expert's words is denied my judgment, a married woman with gay too intimate behavior, including ambiguous words and body contact, etc., this is not a bisexual husband's responsibility, not because of her husband's oversight, not because she needed the emotional and sexual formed in husband can not get to satisfy, experts say, bisexual, like natural three petals purple flowers blooming, its itself is gorgeous biological organic composition, nothing worthy of curiosity and confusion, or appreciate, or turn a blind eye.

Although the expert's answer is not completely relieved, but have to admit that man married bisexual women do the wife of marriage must be male and female marriage is more stable than the pure.
First of all, a man with his wife with the other woman "cheating", compared with other men still feel different. If women want to get satisfaction from other women, like to meet is largely spiritual comfort. Woman had such experience described her and other women together of the wonderful feeling. "Like two tone, saturation is very close to the color of the mixed together, the full feeling more intense and fusion. Finally, to reconcile the new colors to sometimes-complex mix-and-match I have you in pure realm."

Unlike men, men are taking a lot of time and possession, therefore, in the world of bisexual women, because feel unlike men, women, landscape, bisexual women will in a compensation point of view to "meet" the man, because, if you don't have sex with men, bisexual women is difficult to get incisively and vividly in same-sex experience.

I have deeply realized why oneself bisexual wife always so amorous, why always so eternal friendship, I don't think she is in the theatre, she looking for a kind of harmony, the harmony is the basis of tolerance.

In addition to bisexual women's sexual needs to "add", in the emotional, bisexual women also need a kind of bailment and catharsis.

Married men and women both parties if you still can maintain that state in love, regardless of whether such circumstance may, at the very least, it makes people feel a little unreal. Man from love to marriage is necessary to experience the listener, another person, the come-back and silent bear, why existing "cold violence" is a biggest killer of husband and wife relationship? This is a sign of a so-called marriage relationship. However, bisexual wife can always immersed in love, lover is the woman beside her. Couples is one of the most able to mutual tolerance, tips, venting room each other each other's feelings, in this case, the relationship between the lovers system can constantly delete, paste and restart, so after the bisexual wife but can renew to appear in the real marriage life, I finally found my wife from love to marriage, as usual, virtuous, considerate, and understanding of the answer.

It can be said that bisexual women more gentle, virtuous, beautiful, elegant temperament, will therefore have loving a man and a woman at the same time. Actually, bisexual feelings for a woman is like a journey in the post, women need to have a rest, in order to more full of emotion and happy mood through the next journey.