I also became a bisexual woman?

Not long ago, I found that I was a bisexual woman. I'm very upset, I don't know what the hell am I love men or women. I am a college student and have a boyfriend, but it also has a girlfriend.

For my boyfriend, at first I like him very much, think he meet me for a man full of imagination. But then, since the dormitory only she and I, I just feel originally, I also have fantasies about women. She is not beautiful, but sufficiently fashionable avant-courier, always can guide the trend. That hair, straight for a while for a moment, a moment under the roll-up straight, straight for a moment on the volume, with is the girl I was attracted by her. But don't know why, she doesn't have a boyfriend, that's very strange, because I feel love in boyfriend is too normal things, but never seen what does she have a date with some guy.

Very accidental, one night, the storm (I don't know why these things happen in such a night), she says she is afraid of, want to sleep with me. I than she, like her sister, sleep together, of course, no problem. Then she came to my bed, but the little sister is not honest, practise fraud to me, I suddenly enlighted, originally she is a lesbian. More surprisingly, I actually is not exclusive, instead very enjoy such feeling.

Since that night, we have a bed. I to my boyfriend, more and more cold, in my heart loathe to give up his, he gave me is another kind of sex. Very wonderful, whether men or women, all let I to die to fairy, stop. This time, I totally have no interest in her boyfriend, all is her mind. I also became a bisexual woman? I asked myself, but I can't find the answer, I know this society of bisexual women or biased.